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The City of Castlegar is found at the southern reaches of Lower Arrow Lake, at the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers. The explorer David Thompson traveled through…


Nelson Public Art

Public Art defines a community as a visual and often physical representation of ideas, artistic tolerances, and civic aspirations. It is a curious thing in many ways, then,…

Mountain Observatory

Mountain Observatory

Have you ever observed a mountain as a living entity? Though we make our homes in these Selkirk Mountains, rarely do we observe and discern our powerful stewards in the light of their dynamic, sometimes…



It’s 40 degrees Celsius. That’s hot – very hot on this asphalt road, and my legs are getting tired from walking up the hill. Yet the heat is…



When the Canadian Pacific Railway bridged the Rocky Mountains in the mid-1880′s, a wave of explorers, prospectors, and settlers followed the rails into the newly opened mountain ranges….

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Cherry Blossoms in Nelson

Spring is a beautiful season in Nelson, a time when the verdant Nature awakens in the warm valley along the lakeshore and stretches quietly into the upper reaches of the our mountain…


Streetcar 23

The City of Nelson was a booming frontier settlement in 1899, fuelled by the gold, silver, copper and all the mineral wealth of the area’s successful mines.  The mountains and…



In the mid-1800′s, prospectors from the northern parts of Washington State, Idaho, and Montana began exploring the shores of Kootenay Lake for precious ores and mineral outcroppings. Many…



In 1867, placer gold was discovered at the mouth of Forty-Nine Mile Creek, just west of what would one day become the booming frontier mining town of Nelson,…

Sandon Payne Bluff

Sandon – a transit history

The City of Sandon was literally founded with silver streets and golden dreams, when two prospectors found silver ore in the rocks of Carpenter Creek. Others quickly arrived, including…


Old Trucks by the Road

The highways through the Selkirk Mountains often wind their way along remote lake shores and through the valleys and mountain passes where old homesteads, farms, and mining-stakes once…

Nelson BC Walking Tour

Nelson Walking Tour


Green Gables

Explore the Green Gables National Historic Site, in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada. This historic homestead was the inspiration for one of Canada’s most beloved stories, LM Montgomery’s…


Exploring Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a land of solitude and pastoral pleasures, with a natural beauty invigorated by the limitless Atlantic Ocean and the glacial-carved granite headlands which bear the foundations of…


Grand Canyon Lodge

“The earth suddenly sinks at our feet to illimitable depths. In an instant, in the thinking of an eye, the awful scene is before us.” – Clarence E. Dutton,…