Nova Scotia is a land of solitude and pastoral pleasures, with a natural beauty invigorated by the limitless Atlantic Ocean and the glacial-carved granite headlands which bear the foundations of ancient traditions and the tales of her heroic history. Discover and explore Nova Scotia with this section of 3 digital books, that tell the story of Nova Scotia’s rugged beauty and her people’s romantic and often tragic histories. Featuring scores of beautiful images, maps and interactive content, each book is a wonderful companion for explorations into the heart of Nova Scotia.

Peggy's Cove CoverThe famous lighthouses, the rocks, and the dangerous sea are what draw many visitors to this shore. Dramatic masses of granite emerge along the shoreline to roll against the sea, sending waves crashing into the sky above. A tiny cleft in the rocky shore hides the secret opening to Peggy’s Cove, with it’s charming collection of wharves and fishing shanties. A world famous landmark, the lighthouse and the rugged granite outcropping stand in sharp contrast to the old and fragile structures which shelter just behind the rocks.  Fishing boats that roll in the swells, huddle together in the Cove at the end of the day, as artists and romantics finish their grand works and bask in the sun’s setting rays along the shore.

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Grand-Pre CoverThe story of Acadia and Grand-Pré is one of sadness and tragedy, of dreams unfulfilled and lives forever changed. 250 years ago, the Acadian farmers at Grand-Pré were deported from their homes and farms as British and French kingdoms wrestled for control of North America. Longfellow’s epic poem Evangeline inspired interest in Acadian heritage and lead to the establishment of the Grand-Pré National Historic Site (also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012).

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Halifax Public Gardens coverThe Halifax Public Gardens have been cherished by generations of visitors as a place of tranquility and civic pride, and have now blossomed for over 175 years. Founded as a working demonstration garden, they have grown to become a masterpiece of ornamental landscape design and a Canadian cultural icon. Visit this beautiful Victorian-era garden, your own “Memories In the Park” will be treasured always.

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