clouds_sliderHave you ever observed a mountain as a living entity? Though we make our homes in these Selkirk Mountains, rarely do we observe and discern our powerful stewards in the light of their dynamic, sometimes explosive, and ever-changing natures, as entities that regulate their own environments. These mountains live and breathe. They create and destroy, and they live and love in a vastly long timescale entwined with our own short destinies.

Geologists may tell us how our mountains ebb and flow, and rise and fall, to create the epic landscapes we cherish today. Biologists may tell us how living creatures adapt to survive within these challenging worlds, and how they actively change their habitats by altering the terrain, the composition of the soil, and the very quality of the air. We are part of a system that is constantly in motion and renewal, a manifestation perhaps, and no matter what we do, everything – everything – around us will change with these mountains. They are living around us, and through us, just as we are living through them.