Icity – The Ice City Builders Are Here!

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The pilots in ICITY fly specially-designed aircraft to build and manage Ice City, a wealthy mining colony set in the near future.  The aircraft are inspired by advances in UAV and drone technology, yet employ pilots and mission specialists to directly control building construction, supply delivery, and passenger transport.

The aircraft featured in ICITY are designed to pickup and employ different cargo modules which are used for different tasks. They are inspired by the old Sikorsky sky cranes, by various LTA proposals, and especially by the huge potential for urban cargo delivery systems in the future.

The specialized cargo modules include a type of large 3D-printer that can be used to print new buildings, tanks for transporting the printing materials, and a passenger compartment for moving the workers. The ability to print a building is inspired by advanced research in architecture and building technology, and ties in nicely with the game’s futuristic aircraft and the vision for how cities will be built.

ICITY has now completed early development and is currently on Steam Greenlight for review by the Flight Sim community – if you would like to learn more and show your support, touchdown on the ICITY Greenlight page to vote: 

ICITY – view on Steam Greenlight >



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