Giant 3D Building Printers !! From Mars?

3D Office BuildingNo way!  Giant 3D printers already exist that can print-out entire buildings?  It’s true, and we think it sounds like lots of serious fun.  What better way to shake up the old housing biz than the ability to push a button and print out any quirky design that springs to mind.  Old castles, sleek Barcelona pavilions, Second Empire Munster mansions, or even rows of ricky shacks from urban slums … it’s all possible.  Yet it raises an interesting question: if anything is possible, would you make anything, or would you stick with the standard designs we already know or even those that are deemed acceptable based on market conditions and resale potential?  After all, the standard Victorian-style house is still popular, even a century after the Victorian-age ended. And aren’t neutral colours and warm whites the best for interior walls, to maximize value?

Construction has always been a balance between the freedom of imagination (or at least individual taste) and the constraints of materials (particularly their form and cost).  That’s why leading architects are masters of the materials they employ, it allows them to use materials in new ways that stretch the imagination.  And that’s why most of us live in some form of box like shape … because it’s cheaper to make straight pieces of wood.  But imagine what kind of a house, or office, you might make if you could print anything you wanted to live in.  Perhaps a giant snail shell?  Or something the shape of a crop circle?  Any ideas?  Leave your ideas and feedback below!

Oh, and no … they’re not from Mars.

Image Source: Government of Dubai (Media Office)

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