Hello everyone; we’re Openland Design, an independent digital media studio based in Canada. We believe that the world is an amazing place, just waiting to be explored, and that’s what we’re all about. We write stories about travel, exploration, and discovery, then bring the adventure to life through expressive and interactive digital media.

Our studio began 3 years ago with the publication of our first digital book on the Apple iTunes bookstore. We’ve now completed 25 digital book projects including several for prominent museums and art galleries in Canada. Our success with digital book publishing continues to embrace other forms of digital media design and production, which now includes the publication of digital magazines and the development of computer games with interactive, 3D environments.

We also create digital models and interactive simulations for urban art installations, and for proposals to develop museums and cultural facilities (we like art galleries and museums, so we’re happy to help).  In the fall of 2015, we began development work on a new film & animation project which builds upon our experience producing videos, short films, motion graphics, and cut-scenes for interactive digital books and 3D computer games.



We’re always happy to hear from friends, fans, and supporters, and enjoy the stories and personal experiences you have to share about our digital media projects. We’ve set up a simple e-mail form (below) which you may use to send in your questions, feedback, and suggestions.

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If you are searching for an opportunity to participate in a digital media project or would like to discuss working with us, we’re willing to listen to what you have in mind … just be sure to contact us first before sending anything for us to review. Other studios may be fast-paced, multi-tasking, bee-hives, but that’s not us … we like to think about stuff and take our time to learn, so please keep that in mind.

If you’re a critic, or haven’t had your coffee yet this morning, keep in mind that we’re shy and temperamental artists, and are not really interested in receiving unwanted critiques or caffeine-deficient diatribes. Those go in the Trash, or potentially YouTube if we think the world needs to laugh at you, too. Tips and suggestions about how to improve workflows, game-code (especially code!), and generally make the world a better place are much appreciated.

The world is an amazing place to travel and explore, and we believe the best way to to that is with an old truck, a friendly face, and a campfire to return to each night. Thanks!